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This page is all about Ghana – or, to be more specific – the touristic site of this beautiful country located in western Africa. I travelled there several times myself and had the opportunity the see many different places, to meet a lot of wonderful people, try some of the fantastic dishes and to learn a lot about a world that is different in many ways from the one I know at home.
No matter if you were in Ghana yourself, planning a trip or just came here by chance, I hope you enjoy some of my photos and stories from Ghana. A more general collection of pictures you can find in the category Galleries. If you’re more interested in the stories behind them just take a look at the Blog where you can find some more specific information about different places of Ghana, some festivals or more general topics like what looks a wedding like in the country.
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Newest Updates:

Wli Waterfalls: Deep in the Volta Region, close to the Togolese border lies the small village of Wli. But the reason for the fame of this place is not the village itself - it's the beauty of the landscape with the impressive waterfalls of Wli. Continue...

Wli Waterfalls

Around Banfora: If you are in the northern parts of Ghana why not cross the border to Ghanas neighbor Burkina Faso? This country is different from Ghana in so many ways but has to offer a lot to visitors as well. Continue...

Burkina Faso