Welcome to my Gallery of Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is The Northern Neighbour of Ghana with just over 20 million inhabitants. Like Ghana, the country is characterized by an incredible diversity and since I myself have only spent a few days spread over two stays there, it is even more difficult than in Ghana to show them even in some way appropriately. Nevertheless, I would like to share at least a few impressions from the country that is definitely worth a visit.
Although the countries differ greatly within their borders, there are also some clear differences between Ghana and Burkina Faso. These are undoubtedly historically justified with a significant proportion. One of the most important factors is undoubtedly colonial history, because while Ghana was part of the British colonial empire, Burkina Faso was long under French rule. The coinage from this period continues even after independence (for Burkina Faso on 05.08.1960) to this day. This starts with the language, where, in addition to the many local languages, French is the official language in Burkina. However, the administration is also structured very differently, for example. While the British in their Gold Coast colony relied more on indirect rule (e.g. by appointing chiefs, the French's rule in their colonies of West Africa was of a more direct nature, which made local power structures completely different. has influenced it. But it is also the simple things where the differences between states are expressed: in Ghana one swears in large parts on the "British" white bread, in Burkina on baguette, in Ghana in football nothing goes about the English Premier League, in Burkina one swears the French Ligue 1.
My problem in Burkina Faso was communicative because of large shortcomings in the French language. Here I was reminded very strongly how different things are when you can communicate with people without any problems or if you need a few vocabulary and non-verbal communication. At every corner of Burkina, where somehow an English guide was available, I was correspondingly very grateful.
Due to the fact that I have only spent a little more than a week in Burkina Faso, this section can only represent a tiny part of the country and show only a few excerpts. The country definitely has a lot more to offer tourists and interested visitors and i can't do justice to Burkinabé and their country with my impressions. But a trip to the area around Banfora alone was enough for me to realize that the country is definitely underestimated in terms of travel. The security aspect also plays a certain role here.
In recent years, Burkina Faso has unfortunately been increasingly struggling with terrorist attacks. Time and again, the capital Ouagadougou in particular is the target of radical forces, which continues to shake the country. Here it is to be hoped that Burkina Faso will be able to re-establish itself consistently and, as a safe state, be able to tackle all sorts of pressing problems in the country.