Welcome to my gallery of the Greater Accra Region

For the vast majority of Ghanaian visitors, the Greater Accra Region will be the first of the 16 regions to enter. Here, as the name suggests, lies the country's capital – Accra. Until 1982, the region was part of the Eastern Region as a district, but due to Accra's great relevance and its own structure, both regions were separated at that time.
The Greater Accra region is by far the smallest of all regions of Ghana, but has the second most inhabitants and, unsurprisingly, has the highest degree of urbanization at about 87%. In addition to the pure agglomerate of the capital, the region actually has some interesting landscapes to offer, such as the Shai Hills National Park. Otherwise, the region is, of course, completely overshadowed by the political, economic and infrastructural radiance of its cities. It is home to the country's largest and most important airport, the seat of government, and a large deep-water port in Tema.
For some relaxation from the hustle and bustle of this area, which of course also brings with it all the disadvantages of such a structure, a trip to the Eastern region directly to the north is a good choice. This also has a very high population and ranks directly after the Greater Accra region in third place within Ghana, but these are spread over a much larger area. So there is a little more space for beautiful landscapes and tranquility, for example in the mountains of Aburi or the western shore of Lake Volta. This is dammed at Akosombo in the Eastern region and thus forms the largest man-made lake in the world with a supra-regional significance for the economy.
During my stays in Ghana I actually spent most of my time in and around Accra, but I can't quite see the structure of the corner, so I don't know what names accra or independent cities are, because a lot of it works here. and it certainly is. Well-known names of cities and city ropes in the area that you can reach without really leaving the city area are for example: Tema, Madina, Jamestown, Labadi, Ashaiman or Lapaz.