Welcome to my gallery of the northern part of Ghana

Before the last territorial reform, the Upper Western Region in the far north-west of the country was the only region of Ghana that I never set foot in. Somehow, the journeys always led past this corner. In the Eastern region, which is adjacent to the east, I have been to the East Eastern region a few times and have been able to experience exciting excursions there.
The regions here in the far north are among the smallest in the country and at the same time among the least populated. The landscape and cultural changes that can be traced in the south-north course of Ghana continue seamlessly here. The stress of the cities of millions, the traffic chaos and the hustle and bustle are very far away here. The cities up here, at least in my opinion, have more functional character and are more suitable as a starting point and hub than as a direct destination. The Greater Region can score points, especially in rural areas, with magnificent landscapes, vast nature and preserved traditions. The latter can be found, for example, in numerous villages, where the houses are colourfully painted and decorated with different patterns and symbols. In any case, symbolism and traditional faith are obvious and striking in many places. Many will find up here more the image that one has in mind of Ghana before the first visit than in the then somewhat different ticking south.
The regions here, just before the border with Burkina Faso, may not be the most frequently visited tourist destinations, but they should not be left to the left. You would miss a super interesting and wonderful corner of Ghana.