Tongo Hills - Shrines and whispering hills

Tongo Hills are a landscape in the Upper Eastern region of Ghana and are located not far from the regional capital Bolgatanga. They are wonderfully suited to experience the landscape and culture in this corner of the country up close, as it offers exciting guided tours that lead through parts of the local communities and a highlight includes a visit to the Tengzug Shrine, which is located in a crevice of the Tongo Hills. In addition, there are the "whispering rocks", whose name derives from the fact that in November and December the Harmattan winds blow through the rocks in such a way that strange whispering sounds arise. Unfortunately, I have not yet had the opportunity to travel to Ghana's north during these months.
But even without the mysterious whispering, the place has a mystical aura. The starting point for exploring this landscape is the hamlet of Tengzug, where there is the possibility to climb onto the roof of the Chiefspalace, from where you can observe the village and the life in it wonderfully. The place itself houses some shrines of different designs, which fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape.
The way to the large main shrine of Tengzug leads out of the village, past some individually standing farmsteads and other distributed shrines up into the rocky landscape. Here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the vast landscape with its small settlements and grassy landscape interspersed with few trees. Shortly before the actual goal, which cannot be seen from below, it is necessary to get rid of his shirts in order to gain access to the holy Tengzug shrine. Also photos are strictly forbidden up here. The last meters mean a small climbing area, until you finally arrive at the shrine, which is basically a large crevice, in which sits a priest, who has so much to tell about the place and its meaning.
At a time when the slave trade was still large here in the region, many prisoners who were able to escape their guards used the crevice as a shelter. Today people come here to ask for help from the gods, but a price in the form of a offering is due. This depends on the extent of the desire. In the vast majority of cases, it runs up to the sacrifice of a chicken, as evidenced by the numerous bones piled up at the shrine. For something bigger wishes, however, it may also be very happy to be a cow.
According to the faith of the Talensis, the primarily resident ethnic group, their deceased ancestors live in the Tongo Hills, whereby the offerings also represent a tribute to their ancestors and establish the special respect that this place has is met.