Lake Volta - A special Journey

It has something mystical – this Volta - lifeline of Ghana. Initially divided into the red, white and black Volta, which originate in Burkina Faso and later merge into this mighty river, it is pent up by the dam in Akosombo to become the largest man-made lake in the world, before it meets the Atlantic Ocean in a beautiful delta after a long journey. Along the way it supplies not only Ghana but also the surrounding countries with energy and water.
The creation of Lake Volta in the 1960s was a prestige project of Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of independent Ghana. The construction of the Akosombo dam was intended to ensure a sustainable supply of electricity to the country. This relevance has been maintained to this day, although the challenge to this project is growing due to falling levels and higher energy requirements. The importance of the Volta for the region cannot be overestimated because of this.
Definitely reason enough to experience this lake (or river) up close - not only at its scenic mouth, but along its course through the country. A ferry ride between the towns of Akosombo and Yeji is perfect for this. Depending on which ferry you catch this connection takes about one day (at least it was like this in 2013). Of course this crossing is not comparable to a luxurious cruise which would seem completely out of place here anyway. The ferry connection is primarily used to transport goods and people between the towns on the Volta on the opposite shores if the road outside is too far. The length of the ride means sleeping on deck - either on the wooden benches in the lower deck or with a little luck on the floor of the upper deck, with the backpack as a pillow. Not exactly the most comfortable way to travel, but the view, a wonderful starry sky and a sunrise in the middle of the lake make it definitely worth this way. If the opportunity arises, you should not miss this special little adventure on a trip to Ghana.