Shai Hills National Park - Visiting the Baboons

The Shai Hills are a striking hilly landscape located about 50 kilometers northeast of Accra, providing a nice opportunity for a day trip from the capital. The name of the landscape originates from an ethnic group that used to be resident here but was expelled about a hundred years ago. Scenically it is a large savannah plain from which some large rock formations stand out. Between them there are a few caves which have brought it to a special archaeological significance because very early human settlements were found here.
In 1971, the 4860 hectare area was declared as a wildlife reserve and accordingly houses some animals that are particularly worthy of protection. The main reason besides the scenic panoramic view why the park attracts visitors, are the baboons which live here closely with the people and therefore do not have much shyness. Accordingly, they can be observed and fed from close range. Of course it isn’t a problem for the guides to track down the monkeys through local networking. Besides the monkeys also antelopes can be observed here which fit into this landscape perfectly. But in contrast to the baboons they prefer to keep a clear distance from the visitors.
A very special animal spectacle offer the bats or flying dogs which have chosen the already mentioned caves and rock crevices of the Shai Hills as a residence. The hustle and bustle of these animals in the semi-darkness is always fascinating and photographically naturally a very special challenge.
The park is not a classic destination for people looking for safari experiences but the landscape is impressive and the climbing over the rocks is also quite a little adventure. Especially for those who have been in Accra for a long time, the Shai Hills can offer a welcome balancing escape into nature.