Lake Bosomtwe

Lake Bosomtwe (commonly known as Bosomtwi) is located near Kumasi in the heart of the Ashanti region. The location makes it and its surroundings a perfect recreation area for the city of millions, but also around the lake live in about 30 villages spread over about 30 people (mainly Ashanti). For the people here, the lake has something sacred, and it is hard to blame for its history. The Bosomtwe is basically a metre-eoite crater full of water, which is actually quite young from a historical point of view with just over a million years. The lake has no real outflows and the tributaries are also limited, which is why its water level always depends primarily on the amount of rain, which always leads to villages being "moved" so as not to be too far from the shore or even in the Bosomtwe. Sink. Due to these fluctuations, the shore is dotted with semi-sunken tree trunks, which create a special atmosphere and support the mystical impression of the lake.
Due to the great spiritual charge of the Bosomtwe, it was forbidden for a long time to dip metallic objects into the water. That is why, to this day, small wooden boats have been kept with the fishermen, which are only driven by paddling hands or small wooden paddles.
The fact that the lake blends beautifully into the surrounding green landscape makes the spot perfect for hiking, bird watching or simply a relaxing time on the shore. Accordingly, you can now also find some accommodations and even a slightly larger hotel complex.