Kintampo Waterfall

The Kintampo waterfall is located about four kilometers north of the village of the same name and is one of the largest waterfalls in Ghana. Over several steps the water of the Pumpum River, a tributary of the Black Volta, falls here a total of 70 meters into the depth.
In addition to its own beauty this waterfall has two enormous advantages from a visitor's point of view – it is located in the immediate vicinity of the main road between the two major cities of Tamale and Kumasi and is therefore very easy to reach. On the other hand it blends wonderfully into the surrounding nature, so that one does not notice anything at all of the proximity to this main artery here. From the visitor centre you can easily reach the waterfall via a large staircase. But it is definitely worth to not only focus at the standard view when you stand below the fall but also walk along the upper and lower reaches which offer a beautiful landscape with lush vegetation and exciting rock formations. You can take a wonderful time here to explore and enjoy Ghana's nature.
But the Kintampo waterfall also shows one thing: one should never underestimate the power of nature. In 2017 a tragic accident occurred at this point, when a tree fell down the waterfall as a result of a storm, killing 20 people. In fact, I did not visit the waterfall for the first time until 2018, but in fact I passed by bus just a few days after the accident.

Sascha Lässig Kintampo Falls